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Finances (ancillary to divorce or civil partnership dissolution)

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When you divorce, you bring your legal contract of marriage to an end.  This legal procedure does not prevent either you, or your ex- spouse, from asking the Court at any time in the future for more money.

It is important that the right to ask for more money after a divorce is dismissed by way of a separate Court Order made “ancillary” to divorce proceedings or civil partnership dissolution.

There are two ways in which such a Court Order can be made:

1. If you have an agreement and can send to the Court a “clean break” or “consent” order.

2. If you have no agreement, and one of you applies to the Court, and the District Judge makes an Order dismissing your rights to apply for more money.

 The Court does not have the power to make an Order stopping either of you from asking for more money until Decree Nisi in the divorce, or Conditional Order in dissolution proceedings, is made.