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How to divorce

The procedure below explains the legal process of ending your contract of marriage.

It does not explain other issues of children and money which people often think of as being their divorce.  Children and money involve separate legal procedures.  You may need legal advice about each issue.  
Here at divorce-rights we will guide you through divorce, children and money issues and make sure you have expert legal advice throughout the whole process. Read more about the divorce process and how we can help:

Remember, to start divorce proceedings you need to establish:

  • You have been married for more than a year
  • The English Court has the jurisdiction to divorce you
  • Your marriage has "irretrievably broken down" supported by one of five facts

We prepare a form called a divorce petition from the information you provide us with and send it to you to approve.

You need to pay us the Court fee of £410.00.

We send the Court fee, your marriage certificate and the divorce petition to the Court. After about a week, the Court will send your husband/wife a copy of the divorce petition and an Acknowledgment of Service to complete and return to the Court.

We prepare and send you to approve another form to confirm to the Court what, if anything, has changed since the divorce proceedings were started. 

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