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Assisted Divorce

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Assisted divorce service – Respondent from £99 plus VAT and disbursements


  • 30 minute initial telephone consultation
  • Drafting of Acknowledgment of Service document
  • Advice on divorce procedure
  • General advice on finances/mediation

Assisted divorce service - Petitioner from £149 plus VAT and disbursements


  • 30 minute initial telephone consultation
  • Drafting divorce petition/statement of arrangements for children form
  • Advice on divorce process/procedure
  • Drafting of Decree Nisi and the requisite formal Statement in Support of the application
  • Drafting of Decree Absolute
  • General advice on financial matters and mediation

Assisted divorce – you formally represent yourself within the proceedings and we support you through the process. We draft the documentation and then you lodge the papers at Court and liaise with the other party/their solicitor. We can provide you with general advice on financial issues and can assist under a separate fixed fee package on any associated financial issues.

Divorce proceedings do not automatically bring an end to your financial claims and those of your spouse. It is important to take legal advice as to your rights and potential obligations. Our specialist family solicitors can help you to protect your financial position going forward via the most appropriate method based upon your individual circumstances. We can assist you on a competitive hourly rate basis or under a fixed fee package tailored to suit your specific requirements Fixed fee Clean Break/Financial Orders.

Terms & Conditions

  • Our fees do not include Court fees and other disbursements for e.g process servers fees if the other party had to be personally served with the documentation

  • Assisted divorce

    • It is your responsibility to lodge documentation with the Court and arrange service upon other party/their solicitors
    • You would be self represented in the proceedings
    • Applies to un-contested proceedings
    • Applies only where there are no jurisdictional issues
    • Payment in full at the point of signing client care retainer