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The Divorce Rights service is owned and managed by Winston Solicitors (UK) Limited. We offer a professional, comprehensive and affordable online family law service. We offer a comprehensive range of services for those separating or divorcing for those who do not have the financial resources to meet the hourly rates of a typical high street practice, but who are not eligible for legal aid.

Our key people:

Howard Cohen

Partner & Family solicitor

Howard is a fully qualified and experienced family solicitor and is a member of the Law Society Advanced Family Panel and Resolution. He is specifically skilled in areas of matrimonial finance, divorce and separation, children issues and cohabitation disputes.

As a specialist family solicitor, Howard also provides guidance and advice with pre nuptial and post nuptial agreements. He also advises unmarried couples on cohabitation contracts.


Anna Vollans

Family Solicitor and Mediator

Anna Vollans is a family solicitor and mediator. She is a Member of Resolution and the Family Mediators Association.


Elissa Winston

Family mediator

Elissa Winston has recently trained as a family mediator and is a member of the Family Mediators Association. She is working towards accreditation with the Family Mediation Council.


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We aim to provide those separating or divorcing with a complete legal service through the internet.

You may be worried about your children, or money, or want to know about the process of divorce itself.  We understand that to you, all of these issues are important and that you may need legal advice about some, or all of them, either before you separate, or if you divorce.

We understand that you will not make decisions to alter the entire fabric of your family lightly, and we will give you expert legal advice to help you make what may be very difficult, and life changing decisions.

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