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Divorce Rights Client Charter

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We want to make sure you understand not only who we are, but how we work, and what you will get for your money.

Our Promise:

Your call will not go unanswered at any time during the week.

Any email enquiry will be responded to within 48 hours, often much sooner.

If you want us to help you beyond an initial query, we will send you detailed information about our charges and service.  We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

You can have initial telephone advice from one of our solicitors, to see if we can help you, without charge.

Our Fees:

We try and be as flexible as we can and understand your financial circumstances, but we are a business with staff who have their own bills to pay.  We hope you understand that we are not a bank or lending institution, and that our generosity in offering flexible terms will be reciprocated, and that you will pay for work you have asked us to carry out.

Many of our fees are fixed rates.  We are not the cheapest.  We are not an impersonal call centre staffed by unqualified staff.  Most solicitors enter the profession because they want to help others.  This ethos applies to our family solicitors.   We aim to offer an affordable legal service and can accept payments by instalments.  We will need to discuss this with you.

Sometimes we can’t charge on a fixed fee basis.  This wouldn’t be fair to you or us.  Sometimes we just can’t assess initially how much of our time you will need, and how complicated your case will be, or how your husband or wife will react and how reasonable they will be.  Sometimes we have to charge on an hourly basis for work undertaken.  We will need to discuss this with you.

We ask you to pay us for each invoice we raise within 28 days. 

Who will you deal with:

You will deal almost exclusively with one of our family law solicitors.  If for some reason they are not in the office, and someone else can help, we will try to do so, but primarily you will have one point of contact.

Our Expertise:

We are experts in our field of family law.  We understand not only the emotional problems faced when separating and divorcing, but how best to help you legally, and when it’s the right time to take some action.  We won’t just apply a set legal procedure to you without thought.  We will listen to you about your individual circumstances, and find the best way forward for you and your children, both financially, and in terms of legal fees.