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Clean Break / Financial Orders

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Clean break orders/financial orders from £499 plus VAT and disbursements

Why do I need a financial order?

The process of divorce does not bring an end to financial claims – it is important to get a financial order in place to protect your financial future

  • Whether you are seeking a simple formal order to reflect the terms of an agreement you have reached direct with the other party or you are seeking specific tailored expert legal advice following the exchange of financial information then our specialist family solicitors can help you to protect your financial position going forward.

How we can help?

  • We tailor our services to suit your specific requirements and can assist you on a competitive hourly rate basis or under a fixed fee package tailored to suit your specific requirements

  • We are accredited mediators and collaborative lawyers and as such we are committed to resolving issues in a constructive and cost effective manner. As experienced solicitors we can also act robustly on your behalf in emergency situation and where circumstances arise which make litigation the most appropriate course of action.

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